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[Download] Malayalam Blu Ray| ACD | MP3 | VCD | DVD Database 2013-2014

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[Download] Malayalam Blu Ray| ACD | MP3 | VCD | DVD Database 2013-2014

Post by Rajiv on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:42 am

[Download] Malayalam Blu Ray| ACD | MP3 | VCD | DVD Database 2013-2014

Hi All,

In continuation to the previous thread , here are the databases of 2013-2014 The set includes databases of Malayalam DVD, ACD, MP3 CD and VCD and Multi-Language Blu Ray Databases with details of the movie or music disc. The databases are in PDF format and can be view using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The files only include details of music and movies and NO SONGS OR MOVIES. The files are only to know the details of the movies There are also Tamil, Hindi and English DVD Databases 2013-2014 included. Please download the databases and provide a feedback.

Mutli-Language DVD Database - Download this if you want all language DVD Databases in a single Ebook. You can also download individual Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil DVD Databases if you do not want the DVD databases of all languages

Download from:


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