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Record sales for "Drishyam" Home Video

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Record sales for "Drishyam" Home Video Empty Record sales for "Drishyam" Home Video

Post by Admin on Mon May 12, 2014 7:47 am

Central Home Entertainments released the VCD, DVD and Blu Ray of the Blockbuster movie "Drishyam" on 9th May 2014. As Blu Ray is not as common as DVD or VCD, vendors started Pre-Order on their websites. 500 copies of BD were replicated out of which 200 were sold during the Pre-Order, however, the BD seems to be sold out by 10th May. New stocks of BD is expected only by this weekend. Central was not very positive about releasing the movie on BD, however due to repeated requests they decided to release the BD.

Even the VCD and DVD sale of Drishyam has been tremendeous and is expected to be out of stock soon. Even Non-malayalees have been buying Drishyam because they have heard so much about the movie. The sale of Drishyam home video has broken the records of some titles like Pazhassiraja and Urumi

Hope we see more such good movies coming up in Malayalam



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