[Review] Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan [By Rajiv Nedungadi]

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[Review] Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan [By Rajiv Nedungadi]

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:57 pm

[Review] Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan [By Rajiv Nedungadi]

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla - Premiere
Show Time: 8:08 PM
Date: 4th January 2014
Status: 15%, even after being a Sunday

People have too much expectation when they hear that Sreenivasan has a part behind the story or dialogue of a film, this movie would certainly disappoint those people. Even though I read a few average to negative feedback about the movie, I still went ahead and watched the movie as I had a chance to watch a movie today and had no other option other than this movie.

+ Decent BGM
+ Sangeetha did a good job even though she did not have too much
+ Sreenivasan was ok to good

- Story/Script not up to the mark, should have been better
- Not much comedy
- Uninteresting and boring

Verdict: Flop



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