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Charlie | Review | By Rajiv Nedungadi

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Charlie | Review | By Rajiv Nedungadi

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:55 am

Charlie | Review | By Rajiv Nedungadi

Theatre: INOX, R-City, Mumbai
Show Time: 7:25 PM
Date: 26th Dec 2015
Status: Housefull

The film is about Tessa going in search of Charlie who she has never met.

The film is mainly Parvathy show. DQ is mostly seen only after the first half. Kalpana, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nedumudi Venu and a few others are not seen much.

I personally felt that the first half was too slow and was not sure what was happening. The second half was much better according to me, a little fast then the first half.

Parvathy looks a lot different and and so does DQ, new getups.

There are some very good visuals, mostly in the second half. The cinematography and direction is also good.

My personal opinion is that its a one time watch, DQ fans might feel differently


+ Parvathy looks gorgeous
+ Excellent performance by DQ, Parvathy
+ Shoubin as the thief was awesome
+ Good performances by Aparna Gopinath and other cast
+ Good Direction
+ Good Cinematography


- Not worth the hype

Movie Rating: One Time Watch



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