Maheshinte Prathikaram | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

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Maheshinte Prathikaram | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

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Maheshinte Prathikaram | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

Theatre: Inox, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Show Time: 6:50 PM
Date: 21st Feb 2016
Status: 50%

The story is about Mahesh, who is a photographer in a small village in Idukki taking pictures during weddings and funerals

The first half shows Mahesh's relationship with his father, uncle and his lady love Sowmya.

The second part shows about how Jimcy (Aparna Balamurali) comes in his life after Sowmya leaves him.

This a very simple movie with some really good comedies.

Fahad has performed well. Shoubin, even though he was there in a few scenes only, has done a good job. Alancier Lay who has done the role of Baby has also done a good job.

There are a few songs in the movie which are good to hear.

This movie is a story of an ordinary man told in a humorous way. Overall its definitely a good watch

+ Good performance by Fahad
+ Good Direction
+ Shoubin
+ Good songs
+ Simple story
+ Good Comedies


- Maybe a little more better story or a little more comedy

Movie Rating: 3/5



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