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Anuraga Karikkan Vellam | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

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Anuraga Karikkan Vellam | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:01 am

Anuraga Karikkan Vellam | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

Theatre: Carnival Cinemas, Bhandup, Mumbai
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Date: 24th July 2016
Status: House full

Finally after two weeks of wait the movie released in Mumbai theaters on 23rd July.

Most of the movie trailer and teasers these days create record hits online however fail to impress in the box office as well as the audience. However, according to me this movie is much better than I thought.

The story is about the father Raghu and son Abi played by Biju Menon and Asif Ali respectively. The story revolves around Asif Ali's love life and life after the break up with his girlfriend. Meanwhile Biju Menon, who is a cop, meets his ex-love. Asha Shareth, a mother of two and a home maker expects her husband Biju Menon to give her a bit more care but it does not happen until things change in Biju Menon's life.

As always Biju Menon has given a great performance. Sudheer Karamana has also done a good job. Asha Shareth did not have much to do but side has done well too. Shoubin also does not have much to do but did his part well. For a newcomer, Rejisha has done good too.

There are 3 songs in the movie, not too lengthy just 2-3 minutes each.

One thing I found a bit odd was Biju Menon and Asha Shareth do not look old enough to have a son of Asif Ali's age. A little bit of grey hair would have made a lot of difference.

People clapped during many scenes and I did see many smiling faces at the end of the show, which means people enjoyed the movie. The movie has a lot of comedy dialogues here and there and is a good family entertainer.

+ Biju Menon and Sudheer Karamana, good performance
+ Good Direction
+ Good family entertainer

- Biju Menon and Asha Shareth are shown as too young to be the parents of Asif Ali
- Climax scene.

Movie Rating: 3.5/5



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